Virtual Business Management

This is for Nonprofits and Christian Business owners who need their company to function optimally and succeed, but either do not have the time or skills to get this done. All services provided with the highest level of professionalism, excellence, and the latest technology. Review packages -> make your selection -> pay and sign contract -> We work, you get the desired results.

It’s as Eee-Zee as ABC! 

For organizations with 1-2 employees. 

Empowerment.  Experience.  Excellence.  Results.

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Have more than 2 employees? Add the cost per management package for each additional employee and use the contact form to request tailored services now.

Credentials of Executive Manager: BSc, MSc, PCRA, LLB, CBLC, PhD Cand. Fields of Expertise: Corporate Governance, Economics, Finance, Law and Policy, and Business Development.