Whatever breakthrough, solution or assistance you are seeking, it is hoped that in some way our services will help you attain it. Our foundation & source is the Word of God, which provides for everything you need to live an empowered, purposeful, victorious and meaningful life. We are here to help you come to the truth of who God is & build you up to walk by the kind of true faith that brings successful change. God has placed a unique deposit in you; of purpose, gifts, talents and more. You can become ALL He created you to be & accomplish great exploits in your life. Join us for equipment on how to lay claim on your God-given deposits by faith, navigate & rise above challenges; and be trained, strategically re-tooled & empowered to succeed in whatever area of life, vocation, marketplace, business, mission or endeavor you need it.

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Zoom: Life Mastering Sessions

Life mastering sessions 1
Starting next week Wednesday, our Life Mastering Sessions will begin on at 7pm CT. The various areas of focus will be dealt with one by one (or where interrelated, combined as a single topic) each week. If you are ready to receive ALL God has in store for you to live so that breakthroughs cannot help but happen for you in every area of your life, come join us. We will have seasoned guest hosts for select topics. You don’t want to miss this free opportunity! Eyes will be opened, dormant purposes will spring to life, ideas will be birthed, strategies will be released, life circumstances, requests & bequests will be re-negotiated on your behalf.

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Your March Blessing

Success FridaysOne group each Friday in the order listed. You don’t want to miss this! Don’t need it? Share the blessing with someone who does. Can’t call in? No problem: use our contact form or send us an email & we will get back to you.

More details are on our social media: Join us & stay informed!🎁