Breakthrough Coaching

This will be with the Founder and CEO of Your Best By Faith Inc., Shelly-Ann Brown, who is a beloved of God and lover of the Lord, who captured her heart and rescued her from a life of immense hardships to sustained victory in Christ. She teaches on faith, and is a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach, having been trained by a seasoned John Maxwell leadership coaching instructor. To help others discover the way to having what she calls ‘a breakthrough happening life,’ she authored an E-book “Keys to Getting Your Breakthrough by Faith” as a study resource.

In addition to being rooted in God’s Word, her uniqueness, and strength of coaching comes from also having a strong academic background with over a decade of high-level experience in the marketplace. She holds several professional certifications in various technical competencies, and has been the recipient of numerous scholastic awards and achievements through every level of education, and in her professional life. Notable is her contribution to the financial sector of her country of origin – Jamaica, where her findings and recommendations on deposit insurance for the banking system were embraced by the relevant government authorities and made effective by the Jamaican Parliament in 2007. She is also the founder and manager of Your Financial FactSheet, which is a financial education and information resource center that since 2009, continues to empower Jamaicans and the Diaspora to make wise, informed financial decisions. Most recently, she founded another company, the Victoriann Health and Wealth Management LLC, providing her revolutionary 4 G.R.OW. Model for breakthrough to optimal wellness and prosperity for individuals and businesses.

The Lord redirected her from pursuing a career of legal practice in financial law to dedicating her life to carrying forward His purposes in the Marketplace. As such, she desires to extend the organization’s services to help governmental organizations with legal and regulatory problem-solving, as well as the formulation of best practices, which affect the lives of everyday people. Therefore, for capacity building in the U.S. system of laws, policies, and regulations, she has embarked on doctoral studies (PhD) specializing in Law and Public Policy. She is a scholar, visionary, and avid problem solver who has a high standard of excellence, is highly professional, and very passionate about empowering others to live their best lives. This stems from a strong belief that we were born with a purpose, and that regardless of life circumstances (no matter what they may be), we have an inherent power in Christ to rise above the ‘impossible.’

In pursuing her purpose, she attended and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute, Texas, where she met her husband Andrew, who is a Minister as well as a Doctoral candidate in Higher Education (Ed.D). Together they have a heart for healing and deliverance as well as the breakthrough and equipping of God’s people to live their best lives by faith.

Shelly-Ann Brown (BSc, MSc, PCRA, LLB, CBLC, PhD Cand.)

Shelly-Ann Brown, professional Success coach