Breakthrough Coaching


Breakthrough Coaching is being provided entirely free for the months of May through June (2017) as a means of building up those who need it.

This will be with the founder of Your Best By Faith Inc., Shelly-Ann Brown, who is first and foremost, beloved of God, a believer & lover of the Lord; heart, soul, mind, strength. She teaches on faith & is a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach, having been trained by a seasoned John Maxwell leadership coaching instructor. Her uniqueness & strength of coaching comes from also having a solid scholarly academic background with over a decade of high level experience in the fields of economics & finance, polished with numerous professional certifications on various subjects & technical competencies. Among a long list of achievements is her contribution to the financial sector of her country of origin – Jamaica, for which her works and recommendations as a graduate student intern in determining the most appropriate coverage limit for deposit insurance and structure for deposits in the banking system, were embraced by the relevant government authorities as announced in the Jamaican Parliament (April 2007) & made effective July 2007.

She is an aspiring financial lawyer, a visionary & avid problem solver, who is highly professional & very passionate about empowering others to live their best lives. This stems from a strong belief that we were born with a purpose & that regardless of life circumstances, no matter what they may be; we have an inherent power in Christ to rise above the ‘impossible.’ She is also the founder of Your Financial FactSheet Mentors for Empowerment, which provide financial education & resources to empower others to make wise financial decisions as well as empower youths as they embark on paving their career paths.

In pursuing her call & purpose, she attended & is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute, Texas, where she met her loving husband Andrew, who is a Minister as well as a Doctoral candidate in Higher Education (Ed.D). Together they have a heart for healing & deliverance as well as the breakthrough & equipping of God’s people to live their best lives in Christ.

Summer 2017 Free Coaching Offer

Sessions: One (1) hour per person – Face to face, Skype or teleconferencing
Sign up: Please email to request your session & set a suitable time ONLY if you’re serious.

Teens & youths: separate age specific coaching & personalized assistance with follow-ups.


Shelly-Ann Brown (BSc, MSc, PCRA, LLB, CBLC)

Shelly-Ann Brown, professional Success coach

Coaching officially available starting January 2, 2018 



5 Replies to “Breakthrough Coaching”

  1. As someone who has personally experienced this coaching, I can say that it has greatly impacted my life. The practical principles brought out by focusing on God’s word has brought a higher level of peace to my life. Additionally, the advice given has taught me how to be much more organised and productive with a renewed hope for the future. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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    1. Thanks Marlon, it was my honor to listen & coach you. I know with certainty that you’ll go forward with positive change because I already see it in you & that makes me truly happy for you! I trust that you’ll continue applying the strategies & tools learned to make your life the best you can possibly be with God at the center – Philippians 4:13.


  2. The coaching has definitely helped me to focus on my goals, unlocking my potential and motivating me with the word of God. Her coaching style is professional yet she made me feel as if I was a friend. I would recommend the serivices of this mighty woman of God to anyone.

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    1. Celena, you’re such a sweet & genuine person. I’m happy that God used me to touch your life. Going forward, always remember you are dearly loved by God. He has a plan & purpose for your life no matter how circumstances may seem otherwise. Blessings on your life, business & everything concerning you! Jeremiah 29:11-13


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