Weekly Breakthrough Ministry Broadcasts

Breakthrough Ministry FBFor the 2020 Summer period, join us every Monday at 6PM CT for our Live Breakthrough Ministry Broadcasts across social media. Learn the Keys to Experience Breakthroughs and Prosper in your Life, Business, and Endeavors.

1.  Facebook Support Group: www.facebook.com/yourbestbyfaith/groups
2: Instagram: www.instagram.com/officiallythebrowns
3. Twitter/ Periscope: www.periscope.tv/yourbestbyfaith

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Thanksgiving Charity Event For Women

Thanksgiving Charity Flyer 2019

Our Annual Thanksgiving Charity Event for single mothers and other women is almost here again. Join us for life change empowerment and renewal (spirit, soul, and body). Three female ministers with expertise in various areas will be sharing from their hearts on how to live a victorious life through the Word of God, how to fearlessly be who you were created to be, and how to live a healthy fitful life.
Some of the activities include self-care training (with health and fitness tips, and demonstration by an expert Health and Fitness Trainer); confidence boosting exercises (by a Certified Life Coach focused on overcoming struggles with identity, purpose, and self-esteem), girl-stuff giveaways, and a Panel Discussion to take your questions.

Register here>>> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thanksgiving-charity-event-for-single-mothers-other-women-registration-78839331563

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Join Us For The VOHC Healing Seminar

CFN Healing Seminar 2019This year’s CFNI Voice of Healing Conference (VOHC) – Healing Certification Seminar will be held on September 11-12, 2019 in Dallas, Texas. The Seminar was created to provide training and impartation for you to receive healing for your spirit, soul, and body. Come and hear from anointed ministers on a range of topics from inner healing and healthy living to operating in the miraculous. Hear the Word of God. Abide in His Presence. Get prayer. Leave edified, healed, delivered, and blessed.

Registration is $60 (for 6-hours training and certificate from Christ for the Nations). Visit: http://healing.cfn.org/cfni-healing-certification-seminar-2019/#1490151616574-7e77bea6-427b

Catch Our CEO’s Interview In The Voyage Dallas Magazine

Meet Shelly-Ann Brown of Your Best By Faith Inc.

by Voyage Dallas Magazine (New 2020 Edition)

Voyage Dallas Feature IG NewestToday we’d like to introduce you to Shelly-Ann Brown.

Q: Shelly-Ann, before we jump into specific questions about your organization, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

A: I would say my story started at birth. That may sound interesting since we’re featuring a Nonprofit Corporation decades later. However, I strongly believe that each life has a God-given purpose that was put into action from day one. So really, getting to where I am now has everything to do with my entire life through to today. Click here to read more >>>



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