You agree to the following terms and conditions, which may change at any time during membership with notice:

  1. This Kingdom Business Circle (KBC) is an arm of Your Best By Faith Inc., a registered 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, which has an approval process for all registrants to ensure your businesses or endeavors comply with our standard of faith as a Christian organization. 
  2. You are required to use the “Join Now” button to initiate the membership registration process. Please be sure to provide your email address in the payment form provided.
  3. After receiving your one-time membership fee, the review process begins and you will receive a decision email indicating your approval or non-approval for membership in 3-5 business days. In the case of non-approval, your fee will be fully refunded within 7-10 business days based on the refund cycle of your bank.
  4. The decision email will also include a request for (a) the name of your business or endeavor, and a web link or contact information for the listing on our KBC web page; (b) a logo showing your business name or personal professional photo for the social media shout-out. You may small print your name, website, and slogan on the photo before submission if you like; (c) your social media name and @ profile handle/ username for tagging you in the shoutout (d) tell us which social media platform you would like to be featured (either Instagram OR Facebook OR twitter).
  5. Our social media name and @ handle is Your Best By Faith @YourBestByFaith on Instagram (over 3,500 followers), Facebook (over 1,300) and Twitter (over 1,600). Please follow our account to help us find you faster and easier for the shout-out, and to speed up the process for members. The KBC service will launch on 11/22/2021 and the shout-outs will begin according to the approval process and in the order received.
  6. Your business or endeavor represented by your logo or photo will be featured only ONCE in a social media shout-out in the membership order received. This means first come, first served, and it could be posted within a week of membership approval but up to a month or more, depending on the rate of applications. Where multiple businesses apply within the same time frame, your feature might be included in a swipe post among other businesses. However, in every instance, the written aspect will include each business or personal name, with your profile @ handle listed for viewers to see and find you.
  7. All information provided upon sign-up will be strictly confidential and used only according the KBC terms of service for the membership listing, social media features, and community services stated. In no circumstance will we ever sell your information or disclose it to third parties.
  8. The decision email will also include an attachment with the E-book promised in your membership package. Also, you will be contacted when it is your turn for the free mentorship session, with a scheduler to select the next available time. Please note, that the mentorship session will only be provided ONCE and is optional. Therefore, if you do not need it, please reply and let us know within 2 business days of receiving the session notice. If we do not hear from you within this time, your slot will be completely forfeited and given to the next business/ person in wait. 
  9. Your one-time membership payment does not have an expiration date, with one exception. This means that your membership and listing on our KBC web page will be permanent, unless revoked by us for breaking the law or for gross misconduct of Christian principles. 
  10. You may cancel your membership subscription within 2 business days after payment and get a full refund. However, after this time, you may cancel your membership but the fee will be non-refundable.