Living By Faith

God wants you to tap into the fullness of who you are as heirs of Christ and see your destiny fulfilled. Some of you may say, “I want to walk in His will & see breakthrough in my life but I’m just not entirely sure how to.” Or, you start the journey & once it gets difficult, you get confused, feel limited & give up.

This could be because your physical ears may hear the Word but your spiritual ears need to be opened. For the spiritual ears to hear, it starts with actually studying the Word & meditating on it daily. Everything you are seeking, the answer is in the Word. But to tap into its power & walk into your Godly inheritance, you must exercise the Word by faith.

How do we come by faith so as to exercise it? Romans 10:17 tells us “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by Word of God.” The root meaning of this verse implies that faith is a conviction of the truth of God that comes by hearing the instructions as uttered by His living voice from the instruction manual (the Bible). Since the power of faith is by hearing, then to hear, we must listen to the word & obey its instructions. To obey, we must first know what the instructions are in the Word. To know the Word means we must study it & to stand on it by faith, we must both believe in our hearts & profess with our mouths what the revealed Word of God says concerning us.

Based on this principle, you cannot just believe for the things hoped for but go further to act on what the Word of God says and He will answer you. Your breakthrough will come. So go forward in faith! Start making decisions & proceed as if you know what’s in store; as if you already have evidence & proof of outcome because the Word has already made provision & is full of everything you need for life.

For more on faith (click here).

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